This was my first time experiencing Avon True Color Lipstick. Up until this point I had never bought or used Avon lipstick. Yes, I know how badly that sounds. Especially, after working for the company for nearly 18 years.  Did I forget to mention I actually worked in the department where that made Avon Lipstick?  Shame on me!

I’m trying it now and I’m so happy I did! There were three things I noticed right away:

  1. It has a pleasant smell
  2. It was smooth and creamy
  3. It wasn’t heavy on the lips

The color transferred to my lips with the same pigmentation that I saw in the tube. It is a nice neutral color that has a touch of sparkle. I guess that’s why they named it Sparkling Nude, huh?

I was over the moon with how moisturizing this lipstick was. The vitamin E and Shea Butter is everything I needed for healthy and happy lips.

This lipstick glided on so smoothly, it didn’t feel heavy at all. I didn’t experience any bleed through across my lip line. No one wants a runny lip line!

I put this lipstick on at 7:00 am and didn’t need to touch it up till about 1:00 pm. This was only after having snacks, drinks, and lunch. I mean a girl has to eat! 

There are so many different colors to choose from. I’m confident you will find the perfect shade. My darling niece was my swatch model for the samples I had. Thank you, Sammantha! 

Lip Swatches

Overall, I was very impressed with this lipstick. I’d love to know your experiences with Avon lipstick.  Leave a comment below.

Kristy Hansel
Hi there! I'm the creator of and a social media brand ambassador. For 18 years I have worked for a well-known beauty business, Avon! I recently became an Avon Representative. I enjoy working with others to help elevate their Avon business. It truly is a glam gig!

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