I have to admit when I heard the name Avon Dazzle Drops I didn’t get it. Why didn’t they just name it Avon Highlighter or something glaringly obvious?

After using this product I understood why they choose to name it Dazzle Drops. More on that later. First, I want to tell you what I learned while I performing research on highlighters.

Did you know that highlighters are used to create brightness and to heighten and lift features? It is basically used as a different version of contouring.

Highlighters are typically used on the brow bone, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, cheekbones and inner corner of the eyes.  Anywhere the light would normally hit is where highlighter is added. That is so the highlighter can  reflect the light to create extra shine and glow.

There are two different tones used for highlighters silver and gold. These two tones produce very different results. For instance, a silver-toned highlighter is going to provide a bright pop of shine. Whereas a gold-toned highlighter is going to provide a nice sun-kissed glow.

Silver-toned highlighters are going to give a high gloss finish that is perfect for Instagram photos. Gold-toned highlighters give more of a naturally radiant glow with a dewy finish which is great for everyday wear.

Avon Dazzle Drops is a gold-toned highlighter. I would describe it as a pearly champagne color. I found that this product provides a nice summery glow. It isn’t a bold in your face sheen but more of a soft subtle shimmer.

So, if you are looking for a magnified intense burst of shine this isn’t the product for you.  However, if you would like something for everyday wear this is the beauty product you’re looking for. It can go from a nice sun-kissed shimmer to a dark bronze glow depending on how much you want to apply.

Now as to why they named this cosmetic product Dazzle Drops. . . because you can take the dropper and mix in a few drops with your moisturizer or foundation to get a nice all over glow. TA-DA! Look at how versatile that dropper just made this product!

The one drawback that I personally saw to this product was that it felt slightly heavy during application and wear. However, after studying the product more I realized that is because Avon created it to add a touch of silky moisture to the skin.

I docked half a point because I wouldn’t wear it in every season. It is more of a spring/summer look for me. Plus, I docked half a point due to the heaviness. Therefore, I give this product a four out of five stars.


I love to hear about your experience with this product so leave your comments below. If you are interesting in trying this product for yourself click on the buy here button.

Kristy Hansel
Hi there! I'm the creator of glamgig.com and a social media brand ambassador. For 18 years I have worked for a well-known beauty business, Avon! I recently became an Avon Representative. I enjoy working with others to help elevate their Avon business. It truly is a glam gig!

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