Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir is on my favorites list. Why you ask. Because this is a ‘treat yo’self” kind of product. I was really skeptical of the product, to begin with but with one sample pack, my mind was completely changed!

This serum glides on smoothly with no greasy residue. The smell really surprised me with how light and fresh the scent was. I wasn’t expecting this product to have a scent let alone for it to be as delightful as it was.

It immediately improved the texture of my skin. I originally applied it on my hand as a test. My crepey skin firmed up immediately. It left a nice healthy glow to my skin as well.

This product blew me away! It absorbs nicely, improves the texture of my skin, adds radiance and firmness. Did I mention it has Argan oil?!? Fancy – schmancy! This added nourishment is everything I didn’t know my skin needed.

I give this product 5 stars!


Every time I say “treat yo’self” this is what I think of.  I hope you get a giggle from it too!  But seriously, TREAT YOURSELF to this Dual Elixir!

Kristy Hansel
Hi there! I'm the creator of and a social media brand ambassador. For 18 years I have worked for a well-known beauty business, Avon! I recently became an Avon Representative. I enjoy working with others to help elevate their Avon business. It truly is a glam gig!

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